Why Go Photo Joy is the Best

We Reinvented the Photo Frame

Creative Plastics Plus, Manufacture of the "Go Photo Joy" product line, has reinvented the photo frame making it even better and easier than ever before, using our Top Load, Quick Change Design you can now display a photo or craft item in less than "10 seconds" we use only high clarity, high quality, heavy duty acrylic plastic for all of our products. Giving you a product that you can be proud to own and made to last a lifetime 

Customer Testimonials


A Customer Comment on FB 6/4/18

Ellen Jarvis: 

Thanks, Sandra... I'd already placed my order, and your terrific hubby just called me and showed me how I could add some of these VERTICAL crop-n-kits to my existing order, to save on postage. We had a wonderful conversation! KUDOS to Go Photo Joy for excellence in Customer Service!

Customers like this bring JOY to our heart at creative plastics plus, manufactures of GO PHOTO JOY display products


SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2016

 Raechelle Bellus :

In early June I was fortunate to have ben the lucky winner of a drawing to
win any one of the fantastic products from Creative Plastics Plus,
and I selected the 12x12 Go Photo Joy display frame, wall mount, with white insert.
I was so excited as I had been eying these wall frames (and other wonderful products)
for several weeks.

This frame was exceptionally wrapped- it came in a protective plastic bag
and was wrapped with 4 layers of bubble wrap bags nested snugly in a box.
This baby was all set for the beating it would take as it came my way.

I didn't quite know what to expect, but this frame is sturdy and is thicker
than I had envisioned. There is some give, but it's not going to break unless
excessive force is applied. The side edges are smooth and nicely finished
and the rounded top and bottom edges are smooth and contoured perfectly.

Along the top inside edge is a perfect little mounting notch.
Again, I was pleasantly surprised with this feature as I was expecting
some type of foam wall mounting to be included. I am not sure why I thought that,
but this notch is so much better.

Within minutes you can have this up on your wall with virtually no work at all.
Just slide your favorite layout in and viola. an instant masterpiece!
As you can see in the photo above, a white photo safe insert is included.
I placed the layout on top of this for added stability and it slid right in.
This layout has some dimension from the wooden pieces, enamel dots, twine, and Raechelle Bellus
layers and I had no trouble with this, in fact I still have some wiggle room if
I chose to put a page with more bulk. If your project was extra bulky,
you could simply remove the photo safe insert.

I decided to add some twine along the top since this is the only thing currently
hanging on this wall, which is "my" scrappy space wall. I like the added touch.

Not a 12x12 scrapper? No problem. There is a product for 8-1/2x11.
There are even products for cards and napkins. I highly encourage you to check out
the website and let your creative ideas flow!

***disclaimer: I was not requested by Sandra, or any other person affiliated
with Creative Plastics Plus, to write this review. I did it on my own free will
because I am impressed with the quality of the product
and wanted to share this with others.

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Heidi Witt


The following are Facebook messages sent between myself and Heidi Witt, she is an Independent consultant for Close to My Heart Scrapbooking Group and is part of the Northern Star Group, she and her group are also our largest group of customers to date: 

Heidi Witt: Time is my gift for our team...sales no... lol… your product sells itself.  I promoted you as a Michigan made product using American made materials, Everyone is impressed with your product.

Heidi Witt: The A2 and 12x12 are our most popular size... Also the 8.5x11 for flyer info. the energy  and excitement for your product was amazing when we presented it to the group... 

Heidi Witt: Right now we are at our national convention.. And I'm using your product to display.. My creative items in a creative show case.. For the next three weeks I'm on vacation finalizing our order... We have a consultant camp which we are finalizing our order with payment... Right now from our last meeting our order is somewhere around $1800.00 wholesale, so my question to you is do you want an idea of what quantities  of the different products ahead of time... If not I would be able to give you our first order the last week in July.

Heidi Witt: I'm excited about you being at Boyne.. I need the new pricing for the frames.. I have been passing out the order now but the bulk will be delivered sept 17. I'm thinking we will have more people wanting frames.

Thank You, Michael and Sandra